First Floor Room 2, Chachacha House, Chachacha road

Alphatech Computer Services Limited is an incorporated  private firm which was founded in the years 2013 by Mr. Chushi Teddy. The company was registered with the registrar of companies as a legal corporate body the year 2014 and was duly issued with a Certificate of Incorporation No. 121619, dated 17th April, and is also registered with ZPPA, NAPSA  and ZRA. Since its inception, Alphatech has been engaged in providing computer services and supplying of office equipment’s and stationary for various companies and individuals.

The company has grown over time and it is the intention of the promoters to diversify and expand on providence of services and creating a database for website hosting.

Company ethos & culture are as follows:

-honesty and integrity in all our relationships

-pride and care in all we do

-Constantly exceeding expectations.

-Innovation and outstanding teamwork.

-Reliability, dedication and loyalty.

Alphatech provides itself in developing its employees and creating a good and satisfied clientele base. the company has tremendously helped its clients by providing them with affordable printing and computer related services at all times.

the company staff has vast experience in the printing,designing and computer repairs and maintenance,supply of computer accessories and Business management,and many other fields. the experience, expertise,dedication and hard work of the company staff and other co-workers make Alphatech Computer Services ltd what it is today.


“Our mission is to supply high quality goods and services to all the clients with integrity, professionalism, fairness and all in all to deliver amicably what is expected of us without disappointment.”

Alphatech Computer Services is specialized in the following services.

-Office networking and local Area Network Designs.

-We are also providing internet services, internet settings on gadgets, web designs, installation of internet cafe’ software’s etc.

-Corporate secretarial services: Typing, printing. photocopying, binding, laminating etc.

-professional filling system and Implementations

-card designing, Business Logo designing and replication, garment printing, large format printing.

-Computer maintenance and hardware repairing.

-Software Repairing.

-book printing 7 binding-receipt books, invoice books, GRNs, etc

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