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G’ Sounds promotion is a reputed promotion and multi-media production specializing in the following areas: Consultation Services; promotional merchandise and branded clothing; professional equipment Hire Services; Event Coordinating Services and Event Accessories; Radio media Production; Television Media Production; Print  Media Production; Artist Management.

We are a full service staffing, project management and event execution agency that utilizes an aggressive promotional campaign to ensure each client’s goals are realized by means of marketing promotions, event management, music and artist management. We are a competent and reliable competitor in the fast moving promotion and event management industry able to create comprehensive promotional events for clients affording them an opportunity to maximize effective service provision or revenue potential. Our extensive, diverse experience and background is possibly the best advertisement in the industry. The company has an excellent reputation not to only within the industry but more importantly amongst our clients. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service often providing customers with innovative ideas to promote themselves to their target markets, with proven success. Our extensive, diverse experience and background is possibly the best advertisement in the industry.

As a promotion company, G’ Sounds has been moving with a rapid pace in terms of meeting the emerging promotion and advertising based solution demands of clients spanning across different industry quarters. We have demonstrated versatility and consistency in delivering end results as per client expectations that has also helped us to earn market support of many quality conscious clients in sectors as diverse as small, medium and big enterprises, NGO’s provincial and national government departments, etc. we have been consistently working towards becoming an integrated media company with emphasis on establishing a firm presence across the entire production chain.

G’ Sounds, through its high technological equipment, has added a different dimension to the production of other media-related activities especially in the areas of stage-managed events, print and audio-visual production. Our company has successfully catered for a broad client base in different sectors offering a wide variety of services as per the client’s tastes, formats and requirements. These media production services are easier, affordable and better in terms of quality adhering to the three significant stages of production namely: Pre-production; production & Post production.

G’ Sounds is solely owned by young and dedicated Zambians committed to work with cooperating partners for the country to be assured of development and socio-economic growth of the future.


-        Competency

-        Sincerity

-        Partnership

Our concise capability profile includes the following present client/sponsors:

Capability Profile:                                               Present Clients/ Sponsors:

-        Produced TV Documentaries                                  Victim Support Unit( a community based police unit found at all police Stations)

-        Produced TV Adverts                                                 ZAMSEED

-        Implemented Multimedia Campaign                    TEFOZA

-        Conducted Mobile Video Shows                            ZNBC


Our credible services are widely appreciated and have helped us in garnering multiple clients besides maintaining good relation with the old ones. We nurture the following client philosophy:

-        We believe in partnering with our clients for their success;

-        We believe in building enduring, fruitful and long-term relationships with our clients;

-        We have the experience of working with many high profile organizations and are conversant with their working styles;

-        We believe in being value enhancers to our client’s media-advertising-marketing strategy.


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