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Jewel of Africa – What we do

The Jewel of Africa is an innovator and a leader in the creation of world class jewellery in Zambia. The company’s vision and goals to trade internationally is one of utmost importance and particular attention is given to the methods in which the brand presents itself for Zambia and the promotion of Zambian products abroad. The Jewel of Africa is a high quality brand with a loyal customer base, it offers a superior service and style. We strongly believe in partnerships that are built around the same core values.

-Our vision is to continue building our brand to become the world’s leading supplier of Zambian emeralds and coloured gemstone jewellery, from mine to user.

-To develop the Jewel of Africa as a global luxury brand of high quality jewellery specializing in emeralds and Zambian gemstones.

-To continue promoting Zambian gemstones internationally

-To discover, expose and nurture the talent of our country’s talented craftsmen

-For Zambia to become known as a gemstone – and particularly an Emerald – destination

Who we are?

Gemstone Marketing and Consultancy (Zambia) Ltd (GMC) was incorporated in 1993 gaining experience and achieving considerable growth within a relatively short period. Originally, it was established as a consultancy firm to assist and advise miners and traders of precious and semi-precious gemstones.  After the conception of the consulting facilities, the company expanded into gemstone trading: procuring, cutting, polishing and exporting Zambian gemstones.  This resulted in steady growth for the company and increased profits, which led to the company expanding further into own mining operations.  In 1998, GMC acquired the mining license for Kumanga mine in the Mkushi district of Zambia, for aquamarine and tourmaline gemstones.  The company integrated downstream recognising the opportunity presented through further integration and in 1998 it commenced designing, creating and retailing high quality jewellery. The Jewel of Africa was borne and has, within Zambia, become the leader in high-end jewellery that retails to the local market, tourists and the diplomatic corps.  In 2007, GMC expanded its retail network further and acquired Klaus Rygaard (1974 Ltd), the oldest jewellery company in Zambia.  GMC is now mining Emeralds, cutting, polishing and manufacturing jewellery for retail in seven (7) stores. We also export Gemstones & Jewellery to clients all over the world.

The Jewel of Africa has gained considerable exposure through its retail strategy but moreover since it entered into trade preferences through the African Growth Opportunity act. Jewel of Africa’s commerce practises where applauded by the former first lady of the United States of America, Mrs Hilary Clinton, on the occasion of her inaugural visit to Zambia in 2011, read more on this here.

How we work?

A key strategy for the Jewel of Africa’s success has been to engage online with a sustained ecommerce presence. The Jewel of Africa has a stylish, well-designed web store, with sophisticated functionality which mirrors its brand values.  It offers the user the chance to learn more about the Jewel of Africa’s products, and to browse and purchase a range of items online. It also affords an international web presence of the gemstone industry in Zambia with regular articles and campaigns initiated on our various digital platforms, including social media. The Jewel of Africa also owns seven (7) retail stores in Zambia at the following locations: MANDA HILL – LEVY MALL – EAST PARK MALL – LIVINGSTONE AIRPORT – LUSAKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL – RADISSON BLU HOTEL

Who owns and Manages Jewel of Africa?

Jewel of Africa is a family owned and run business. Dr Kul Bhusman Sharma, the company’s founder, was the first gemmologist in Zambia. Originally from India, Dr Sharma obtained a PHD in Chemistry and was the first jewellery professional in Zambia to receive the FGA (Fellow of Gemmology Society) accreditation.

His children, Raj and Rashmi Sharma, followed in his footsteps and achieved brilliantly academically, in preparation for their future leading roles in the family business.

Rashmi holds an MBA with the LINCOLN University in the United Kingdom as well as an FGA accreditation (Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain), she also holds a Gemmology Diploma from the Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratories of Great Britain.

Raj holds an MBA in corporate finance and attended the Harvard Business School’s OPM program; he is very active in the Zambian gemstone industry and amongst many industry initiatives, he was appointed by the President of Zambia to the Presidential Task Force on Mining.



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