Stand # 4459 & 7048, 8th floor room 814, North Wing, Provident house,Cairo Road

JPSM Innovations ltd is a private company incorporated in Zambia on 15th of August 2013. The company was set up with a view to undertake the supply of various goods and services in general but with emphasis on customs clearing and freight forwarding.

Vision statement

To be the company best known for understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs and wants through premium service delivery.

Mission statement

To be the premier provider of customs clearing services, freight forwarding, transport and a whole wide range of products and services we deal in.


-Best Customer service & Empathy

-Passion for our work

-Integrity, Respect & Responsibility



Business goals & objectives

The company continues to diversify and is promoting intra trade within the industries of its operations/service.

Economic intent

The economic intent of the company is profit making while adding value to our customers’ Needs and Wants.

Our company serves each of our clients in a unique way specific to their Needs and Wants. Our products include:

-Auto spares

-Computers & Accessories

-Cell Phones & Accessories

-Cleaning Materials

-Electrical &  general hardware

-Food Stuff

-General merchandising

-Mining equipment Accessories/Spares

-Uniforms & protective Clothing

-Stationery & office Supplies

Services being offered are:

-Customs Clearing & freight Forwarding

-Local & Cross Border Transport

-Permit Applications (Agribusiness, PIP, Phytos, MOH HCC & Vet etc)


What makes our business competitive with others businesses in our sector is because of the fact that we have strategically positioned ourselves between what our competitor is currently offering and what the customers really Need and Want. We maintain the highest standards of quality in the products and services we offer.

We pledge to continue delivering products and services to each and every customers’ Needs and Wants.

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