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What does Musika Do??

Musika helps businesses to develop mutually beneficial and transparent commercial relationships with smallholders that integrate the provision of information and technology adoption, and provide confidence and long term incentives for smallholders to invest in their farming business. Musika provides its corporate clients with high quality, commercially focused technical advice, business model support and where relevant, smart subsidies to bring down some of the initial risks in doing business with the smallholder market. Musika also supports innovative market-based solutions to environmental issues and strives to ensure women are key participants in improved agricultural markets.

Who does Musika work with?

Musika works with all stakeholders in the agricultural market system, with an emphasis on private sector entities that are committed to working with the rural poor as their suppliers, consumers, clients or employees.

Where does Musika work?

Musika invests in building ‘value added’ commercial relationships between companies and farmers in any region and in any sector, including in remote and undeserved parts of the country. Currently, Musika has field staff stationed in Central, Southern, Eastern, Northern, North Western, Muchinga, Western and Lusaka Provinces with plans to expand to the remaining provinces in the near future.

How we work?

Musika is implementing the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach that seeks to fundamentally change the way markets work to engage with and benefit the poor and relatively marginalised groups. This change must sustainably benefit the progress of the agriculture sector, firms and rural Zambians. As such, Musika’s target clients and intervention points in this system are generally the firms (and to a lesser extent key associations) in the core market or supporting functions or rules (regulators) of the sector.
For reasons of sustainability and to reduce market distortions, Musika rarely implements interventions directly at the level of the rural poor, which are Musika’s (and its donors’) ultimate ‘clients’. Musika’s monitoring and evaluation system aims to demonstrate how its interventions at the level of the firm lead to the desired impact at the level of the ultimate ‘clients’, and how that impact will be measured and attributed to the project.

Who owns and Manages Musika?

Musika is a non-profit company owned by six key Zambian agriculture-related institutions, namely;

  1. Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU)
  2. Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART)
  3. Grain Traders Association of Zambia (GTAZ)
  4. Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute (IAPRI)
  5. Zambia Seed Traders Association (ZASTA)
  6. Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ)

Musika is affiliated to the Zambia National Farmers Union and is managed by a local team with an extensive and accomplished record in agricultural market development. An experienced Board of Directors drawn from the Zambian agricultural and business communities also supports Musika’s work. Musika started its operations in November 2011 and receives joint funding support from the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka and the UK’s Department for International Development in Zambia.

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