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Eye sight is a special gift from God, we will help you to preserve it.

Mission Statement

To provide state of the art eye care facility within the country with the latest available technology worldwide and to provide personalized services to the customer at a very friendly, safe and conducive atmosphere.

Eye care Facilities @ Phil Opticians

Comprehensive eye Examination that includes:-

–        AR (Auto-Refractometer to find the refractive errors)

–        NCT (Non- Contact Tonometere to find the eye pressure.)

–        Visual Acuity test (to find out the distance, near and intermediate vision)

–        Refraction assessments (to determine your prescription for glasses and Contact lenses)

–        Ishihara’s test for Colour Blindness.

–        Duochurme Test, Jackson cross cylinder & Pinhole Test.

–        Retinoscope and Opathalmoscope Examination

–        Slit Lamp Examination (Eyelids, Cornea, Sclera, Lens, Retina)

Services @ Phil Opticians

–         Eye Examination by an Eye Specialist Optometrist Registered with Health Professional Council of Zambia (HPCZ)

–        Comprehensive Computerized Eye Examinations

–        Frames, Contact lens and Spectacles

–        Sunglasses with UV and polarized

–        Delivery of Spectacles and Polarized

–        For Corporate clients, we can help in doing outdoor eye-camp in partnership with the sponsors for the underprivileged with free eye testing on site.

Product Ranges

We stock all types of lenses (Imported) which includes Photo Chromatic lenses, Transitions Plastic lenses, Scratch resistance Lenses, Special computer use anti-reflection coated lenses, Bifocals, Progressive Lenses, Office lenses, Polarized lenses, Prescription Sunglasses, Soft contact lenses (Clear/ Cosmetic), Contact Lens solutions.




Laboratory Services

At our laboratory we have the best state of the art modern equipment for optical fittings that includes;

–        Tinting of spectacle lens to sun shade color

–        Layout Blocker

–        Automatic Glazing Machine

–        Lens Grooving Machine for rimless frame

–        Auto pattern maker

–        Lens Polishing

Collection of Designer Branded frames & Sunglasses

That includes;-

Gucci, CK, Emporio, Armani, Levis, Guess, TomFord, Prada, Vogue, Titanium, Boss, Cartier, Dior, Police, Rayban, Tommy Hilfiger, D& G and many more frames

Benefits of Membership Cards

–        Our Corporate discount of 10% to the card holders and their family members on the Total bill

–        Frame alignment services & cleaning of spectacle with ultrasonic machine free for our members.

–        Update on the latest development in and innovations.

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