2nd floor, room 12, Lotti house, Cairo Road

WELCOME to Weaver Works Ltd

Weaver Works Limited has been established with the aim to color out the society in an innovative way. At Weaver Works we believe in meeting all your needs by the various products and services we provide.

We provide Construction services, Multi-Media services, Farm produce services, Transportation as well as Pest and Rodent Control services. Look no further, we are the answer you have been looking for.We

The existence of Weaver Works Ltd is based on the needs of its clients. Therefore, the company is so committed towards providing quality and consistent services at all times.

Weaver Works Ltd is pledging to conduct business in an ethical manner and within the line of the Laws of Zambia. The company shall constantly behave in a responsible way.

Building and Mechanical works

Mechanical Work

• Bricklaying: Renovation and Building Infrastructures

• Painting Buildings and other Infrastructures

• General Plumbing Works

• Supply and Fitting of Window Flames, Door Frames and Gates

• Bricklaying

• Laying Floor and Wall Tiles (PVC, Ceramic) House/ Warehouse Roofing (Various kinds of roofing)

• Laying down water and sewerage pipes

aver Works Ltd offers quality products and services guaranteed with trained and well experienced workmanship that will always aim at satisfying the stakeholders’ need

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