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**Please note this poll closes on the 28th of November.**

**Please note this poll closes on the 28th of November.**

Who is the best candidate to take Zambia forward to 2016?

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29 Responses

  1. saul

    are these polls just giving a rough idea or what coz almost 70 percent of Zambia has no access the internet.

  2. Neene

    This country has seen a lot of old people in government and it is sad because those are people who should be considered unproductive. If we are to be called a developed country some day soon, need young people in government not above 65years.

  3. Eric Lengwe

    Sadly the the real electorate that determines who becomes president has no access to your online poll. So this poll is nothing but just that -an online poll. Go out and get the real numbers.

    • David Ngenda

      Thank you for your contribution Mr. Lengwe. Unfortunately going out to get ‘the real numbers’ will take a lot of time which is in very short supply considering the circumstances. The elections may well be over by the time we are done compiling the data. We believe it is for this reason [lack of time] that ECZ will not be registering new voters for the by-elections. So an online poll is the only option we have to get people’s opinion on this matter before the elections. Through yours and other citizens’ participation we hope to collect a sample size large enough to represent the opinions of the majority of Zambia’s cyber community.

  4. chiluba

    i love him very humble and he moved and worked wth the late president am sure he can continue and finish o da prjects the big man stated. go lungu go… we ar on yo side.

  5. Lin-kay

    PF can continue for now jst for th sake of th constitution… Then UPND under HH`s leadership can take over in 2016…
    So #Edgar_Lungu#

  6. Kenny kalunga

    I think if pf member who are in charge adopting who to stand should take it that the person to stand currently is Edgar lungu to avoid comfusion so that in 2016 we shall judge as eligible voters than letting pf vanish now by putting people who ll behave like Rb.


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